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BioCote® antimicrobial technology is incorporated into all of our steel lockers and shelving products at the time of manufacture, making them cleaner and more hygienic to use.

BioCote® technology gives products built-in protection against a wide range of bacteria, including:

  • MRSA
  • E.coli
  • Pseudomonas
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Campylobacter
  • S.aureus
  • Acinetobacter
  • It also helps stop the build-up of black mould

On an antimicrobial protected surface, the levels of bacteria are reduced by up to 99.9% over a 24-hour period, compared to non-protected surfaces, where bacteria can proliferate at drastic rates.

The power of antimicrobial silver

Silver, in the form of silver ions, is the active ingredient utilised in BioCote® technology. Silver ion technology has a variety of beneficial properties, making it an ideal alternative to synthetic, organic chemicals. Antimicrobial silver is non-toxic, naturally occurring, environmentally friendly and sustainable. It does not function in the same way as antibiotics, and there is no known evidence to suggest that bacteria are resistant to it.

Antimicrobial products provide continuous protection and effectiveness

Antimicrobial effectiveness will not reduce over time -BioCote® technology retains its antimicrobial efficiency for the lifetime of our storage products and guarantees protection. All of our products are subject to regular quality control testing by an independent UK laboratory, supported by in site product testing in real-life environments.

The BioCote® brand is, therefore, your mark of quality, giving you the reassurance of continuous antimicrobial product protection from a proven, superior technology.

As well as laboratory testing, BioCote Ltd is the only antimicrobial technology provider to have carried out environmental trials investigating the effectiveness of protected products in real life environments, including a hospital, care home and food production plant.

In 2007, BioCote Ltd carried out a pilot trial in association with the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. Two out-patient wards within the Trust were refurbished; one with furniture and equipment with antimicrobial technology and the other with standard, untreated items. The aim of the trial was to compare the levels of bacteria on antimicrobial protected products, including blinds, storage systems, tiles, lockers and light switches, to standard untreated items.

Results showed that using protected products lead to a reduction in bacterial levels of up to 95.8%. Products coated with BioCote® silver powder coating, such as Link 51 storage systems, saw a 94% reduction in bacteria on their surface. By reducing levels of bacteria, protected products can help create cleaner and more hygienic environments.

HACCP International Certification

Hygiene is of vital importance in all food and drink manufacturing plants, storage environments, preparation areas and sales channels. Stringent guidelines and regulations must be adhered to, and failing to do so can lead to serious consequences for the general public and your business. Even companies with the most comprehensive hygiene processes can make further improvements in places such as staff changing areas and locker rooms. With high levels of germs and bacteria being carried into production and sales areas through the front door on clothing, shoes and bags, staff changing rooms play a far more vital role in maintaining hygiene standards than many people think.

Link 51 BioCote® shelving, BioCote® lockers and garment management solutions are coated with antimicrobial technology as standard, ensuring that your storage environment and staff changing areas are as hygienic as they can be.

BioCote® has been officially recognised for its benefits within the food industry with the HACCP International Certification. The HACCP International Certification supports organisations that demonstrate food safety excellence in non-food products that are designed for, or are commonly used in, the food industry. It is the only antimicrobial solution to be awarded the HACCP International Certification.

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