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Bedfordshire police records management goes underground with the help of Link 51

Bedfordshire Police currently has 1,200 police officers and 124 PCSOs, supported by over 200 volunteer Special Constables. Over 900 other staff, supported by 90 active volunteers enable the officers to do their job by taking calls, investigating crime and providing information both within and outside the Force.

Bedfordshire is home to around 620,000 people. There are two large towns – Bedford and Luton – and a number of smaller towns, as well as substantial rural areas. Alongside Bedford and Dunstable Police Stations, Luton Police Station is the most active of the three, serving the south of the county, with responsibility for a diverse population, as well as a busy international airport.

The Brief

Under the framework of the Management of Police Information Policy (MoPI), the policy of Bedfordshire Police is to establish clear and consistent processes and structures for the collection, recording, evaluation and action, sharing, review, retention and disposal of information gathered for a policing purpose.

To facilitate this, an existing record management storeroom at Luton Police Station was identified as suitable for expansion, in order to create a central records store for the whole Bedfordshire Police Force.

The storeroom, located in the underground car park at Luton Police Station, was subject to survey and, after the necessary building works to extend the store was completed, the supply of shelving to accommodate the records was put out to tender. Bedfordshire Police utilised the services of the ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation), which highlighted several suppliers that they could lawfully request quotations from. Link 51 were awarded the contract.

The Solution

  • Link 51 were required to fit as much shelving as possible into the expanded records storage facility. With over 22,000 boxes of criminal records in various secure locations across the county, the aim was to centralise and manage these records under one roof.
  • Under data protection regulations, the records held by Bedfordshire Police are kept for specific periods of time and are routinely subject to time sensitive destruction. With the advent of Athena, the new IT collaboration platform to enable Police forces to share information more efficiently, mass storage of paper based criminal records will, in time, cease to have a place in modern policing.
  • On the basis of this, Link 51 designed a storage solution based on a mix of static Stormor shelving and five mobile units that could in total accommodate 12,073 boxes of records. This amounts to 247 bays giving 1724.8m of linear storage.
  • In providing the solution, Link 51 used as much available space as possible, integrating the shelving around prominent brickwork obstacles and sloping roofs where required.

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