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BMI – The Priory Hospital

The Brief

A number of key areas within the BMI hospital were identified for refurbishment, these being the decontamination and sterilisation area for surgical instruments, the sterile stores and prep area, and the hospital’s general stores.

Following a re-assessment of clinical procedures and storage on-site, it was decided to outsource theatre sterilisation requirements, and relocate the hospital’s decontamination facility. This resulted in an increase in floor space of the sterile stores, which can accommodate up to 500 theatre ‘sets’ of surgical instruments. Both the sterile stores and the nearby surgical ‘prep’ room, a controlled area for surgical products, required appropriate storage solutions.

A high density storage and shelving solution was also required for hospital stock located in the general stores, which include routine medical equipment, stationery and catering supplies. Sufficient storage was also to be installed to cover anticipated future increases in stock lines.

Having undertaken similar installations for BMI Healthcare, Link 51 were asked to design andinstall the required storage solutions at BMI The Priory.


The Solution


Sterile Stores

For the sterile stores, Link 51 installed 6 modular trackless mobile units and 2 bays of fixed Stormor shelving for ancillary storage.

With only one guide rail fixed along the rear of the trackless mobile units, there is no need for further fixed guide tracks; the advantage being that the lack of tracks helps the cleaning process, with no grooves or crevices to catch and hold debris – ideal in a clean-room situation. Additionally, the clear unobstructed aisles reduce trip hazards and interference for trolleys or steps.

Manually operated by mechanically assisted tri-spoked hand wheels, the hospital’s trackless mobile storage units use hygienic chrome wire shelving to help maintain a sterile environment.


Prep Area

With a varied mix of small and larger surgical items requiring storage in the prep area, Link 51 installed 14 twin HTM71 open storage units. The Health Technical Memorandum 71 (HTM71), drafted and published by NHS Estates, advocates high density modular storage systems which offer hospitals more storage space and greater flexibility at lower cost than any alternative. HTM71 shelving systems have the ability to allow hospitals to either double their storage capacity or halve their storage footprint compared to traditional shelving systems by using mobile bases.

Accommodating 11 levels of storage baskets each, the units have open sides and backs to facilitate easy cleaning and feature optional castors allowing for easy movement, thereby ensuring smooth access for cleaning of floors etc.

A number of fixed Stormor shelving bays were also installed to accommodate sutures, glove boxes and other medical equipment.


Central Hospital Stores

To accommodate the hospital’s centrally held stock, Link 51 installed a high density storage solution that included 95 bays of fixed Stormor shelving, creating versatile open storage and accommodating the hospital’s bulkier items such as sharps bins, trays, paper rolls and catering items.

Taking steps to inhibit growth of potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi, such as Salmonella, MRSA and E. Coli., BMI The Priory took advantage of the patent protected BioCote® anti-bacterial finish on painted internal and external shelving surfaces, offered by Link 51 as standard.

The silver-based anti-microbial technology, extensively tested and proven to work in the hospital environment during peer-reviewed trials, help reduce levels ofbacteria by an average of 95%.


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