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Link 51 Help Crosswater Optimise Warehouse Operation

Dartford based Crosswater Group trades under three brands: Crosswater, Bauhaus bathroom furniture and Simpsons shower enclosures.

Established in 1998, the company is part of the Bathroom Brands, the third-biggest selling bathroom and shower company in the UK. Leaders in bathroom design, the Crosswater Group offer a comprehensive range of exciting and innovative premium products to suit any bathroom style.

The group recently moved into a new 131400 sq ft headquarters on a 264-acre greenfield development at the Bridge in Dartford. With stock previously being held on 6000 pallet spaces across six smaller units at Charles Park, Crossways Business Park in Dartford, the new building helped re-locate all Crosswater’s resources under one roof. The building was constructed by industrial real estate developer Prologis after it signed a build-to-suit agreement with the Crosswater Group.

The Brief

With the Crosswater Group growing exponentially year-on-year, the move into its new headquarters and the inherent benefits of having a centralised stock holding, made the logistics of providing a next day delivery service easier to manage and coordinate than having to pick stock and run deliveries from multiple locations.

In finding a supplier for their pallet racking requirements, the Crosswater Group were advised by Prologis to contact Link 51. In additional to a number of other companies, Link 51 were asked to quote on providing a racking solution based on utilising the maximum area of the warehouse to a height to 14 metres. Link 51 were successful primarily due to cost, together with the related advantages of providing a UK based manufacturing capability.

Link 51 were briefed on the scope of the racking solution which needed to accommodate three different size loads, based on varying height profiles – the stock consisting of small packages of bathroombrassware from the Crosswater brand, bathroom furniture under the Bauhaus brand, and shower enclosures from the Simpsons brand.

As the construction of the building was classed as a rapid build-to-suit development, Link 51 had only three weeks on which to complete the racking installation. Additional contractors and builders were also on site, including the installation of a wire guidance system embedded in the floor to automatically steer turret trucks along a desired path within the racking aisles.

The Solution

Link 51 designed and installed a racking solution that provided 16000 pallet spaces, in three differing height configurations:

  • 1.3m high loads for Crosswater products
  • 1.9m high loads for Bauhaus products
  • 2.25m high loads for Simpsons products

Further pallet locations at 1.9m high were installed to allocate additional storage for Bauhaus products, as well as providing extra capacity.

Given the construction of the building, Link 51 had to position the racking around load bearing beams in the warehouse; this necessitated the installation of narrow aisles in certain areas, as opposed to wide aisles.

“Link 51 had a very pressurised timeframe to complete the installation, working alongside other contractors. The relationship that we enjoyed with Link 51 was entirely positive; their flexibility and approach to problem resolution held them in good stead throughout the project.”

Wayne Lobley, Director of Logistics, Crosswater Group

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