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Fishpond World Ltd

Link 51’s storage solution brings order to Fishpond World Ltd.’s busy distribution warehouse

Fishpond World Ltd is a UK based online retailer with customers around the world.

Being an online store, Fishpond works with suppliers worldwide to provide a vast selection of products including toys, books, movies, sports and beauty products. And because Fishpond don’t have any retail stores, they don’t have to pass on the additional costs associated with keeping a physical store – which can be passed on directly to customers with low prices.

Supplying over 15 million products, across 15 major categories, provided by over 400 suppliers, Fishpond ship to over 100 countries globally, providing free shipping wherever their customers are based.

Fishpond recently opened a UK distribution site in Gloucester from where they receive and ship orders to all corners of the world.

The Brief

For the busy Gloucester site, Fishpond had to store packaging stock and other materials amounting to 3,500 palletised shipping bags.

It was clear that a storage solution was necessary and, having dealt with Link 51 previously, the site warehouse manager provided a central focus for the overall requirement.

The Solution

Link 51 provided a solution based on 4 bays of pallet racking, providing 24 pallet locations for the storage and access of packaging products.

In addition, 5 aisles of Stormor Solo shelving were installed, providing 120 bays of adjustable storage for Fishpond’s inventory picking process.

Designed and manufactured to be strong, durable and secure, all Link 51 Stormor shelving products are also supplied with a unique BioCote® protective finish as standard. BioCote® is a silver-based anti-microbial technology that reduces the risks associated with bacterial cross-contamination and helps keep heavy traffic areas hygienic.

“Despite there being over 40 pallets on the floor during installation of both the racking and the shelving, Link 51 were outstanding throughout. We knew what we wanted in terms of storage and Link 51 quickly translated that vision and made it a reality at a critically busy time. Having known Link 51 from a previous warehousing role, I had the utmost confidence in their product and service.”

Lee Dixon, UK Warehouse Manager, Fishpond World Ltd

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