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Anglesey Archive

Following the publication of a critical report by The National Archives (TNA) into the standard of accommodation for the Island of Anglesey archives and modern records, a decision was made early in 2010 to move the collections to a new facility.

The project, which involved the conversion of an unused industrial unit into a modern 21st century repository, was funded by the Isle of Anglesey County Council in order to offer improved public facilities as well as storage conditions which meet the latest British Standards for archives.

The Brief

Located in Llangefni, the new storage area, or ‘Pod’ as it is known, is an imposing windowless steel stronghold measuring 17×13 metres and providing four hours’ resistance against fire. Environmental stability is maintained by two air handling units. These units are located outside of the storage area and consist of a supply and extraction fan, heating and cooling coils and two electric steam humidifiers. The entire system is computer controlled, with specialist software installed to monitor and regulate performance.

Following an extensive tender process, Link 51 was awarded the contract to install a Stormor Shelving system within the Pod. The system was to feature a combination of mobile and static shelving in order to achieve full utilisation of floor space. Sufficient shelving was to be installed into the Pod to allow for at least 20 years of growth.

The Solution

  • To facilitate the access and retrieval of archive material in keeping with BS 5454 recommendations. Link 51designed a unique solution of mobile, static and cantilever shelving delivering over 5,000 linear metres of storage.
  • The slim frame and shelf profile of the Stormor Shelving specified by Link 51 meant they were able to increase the overall capacity of the Pod, allowing for an additional 200 archive boxes to be stored compared to competitor proposals.
  • The Archive’s modern records are accommodated in the mobile shelving, which runs on tracks that are fitted within a 38mm timber infill floor and operated by mechanically assisted tri-spoked hand wheels, each featuring aisle-locking mechanisms for user safety. Storing different sized archive boxes, each mobile consists of 9 bays of back-to-back shelving with 12 shelf levels extending to a height of 4.6 metres.
  • A separate, static Stormor Shelving system consisting of 6 bays of 1,000mm deep was installed to house the archival collection. It was decided to include a static shelving system for this collection instead of additionalmobile shelving units, due to the varying sizes of the material being stored.

The Archive will be opened for public access in October 2011. By using Link 51, the Anglesey Archive benefited from:

  • UK-based in-house manufacturing capability
  • Fully managed market-leading mass storage solutions
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • High-quality product range combining strength, durability and operational reliability

“This sort of installation is a rare occurrence, being a project that happens probably only once in a career. Because of that, we put a great deal of trust in Link 51 and to their credit the installation was completed in a brisk and highly professional manner.”

John Rees Thomas, Head of Service – Lifelong Learning and Information

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