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The Army Training Centre, Pirbright

Link 51 provide a series of integrated storage solutions in a new military logistics facility.

The Pirbright Army Training Centre (ATC) provides initial training for full-time and reserve forces, comprising of three units: two Army Training Regiments (ATR) and a headquarters (HQ) support unit.

The Brief

Some 12 years in the planning, ATC Pirbright finally gained approval for a new £7.5 million logistics facility. Provided by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), the new building was designed to bring together a range of Quartermaster’s stores functions, which previously had been spread over several buildings. The new building also meant that the training centre would be able to manage an increase in recruit establishment at the base.

Following a tender process Link 51 were selected to supply integrated storage solutions for the new facility, covering the following areas:

  • Mattress Store
  • Accommodation Store
  • Accommodation Bulk Store
  • Clothing Bulk Store
  • Main Clothing Store
  • Armourers Store

The Solution

Mattress Store – Link 51 installed 17 pallet racking bays, providing 98.55 linear metres of storage on three levels, to accomodate a total of 250 mattresses.

Accommodation Store – shelving was required for an array of ancillary items, including hoovers, ironing boards and cleaning equipment. Storage was also needed for heavier items, such as fluid containers. Link 51 installed 12 Longspan shelving bays, providing 230 linear metres of storage for approximately 144 large and 72 small green boxes, together with 30 ironing boards. For the heavier items, 2 pallet racking bays were installed providing capacity for 12 pallets.

Accommodation Bulk Store – shelving was required for the storage of bedding, crockery and boxed items. Link 51 installed 32 Longspan shelving bays, providing 232.8 linear metres of storage. In addition, for heavier, bulkier items 2 pallet racking bays were installed providing capacity for 18 pallets.

Clothing Bulk Store – in the main clothing stores, space is split between a bulk store for large boxed items and a main clothing area for faster moving items. Link 51 installed 48 Longspan shelving bays, providing 529.5 linear metres of storage, together with 3 pallet racking bays providing capacity for 24 pallets.

Main Clothing Store – as the largest stores area, the main clothing store contains kit items for servicemen and servicewomen. These include uniform items such as jackets, skirts, trousers, shoes and footwear. Link 51 installed 149 Euro shelving bays, providing 931.25 linear metres on five levels. All bays feature airflow steel mesh backs to all, together with shelf dividers.

Armourers Store – a solution was required for the storage of the Armourer’s tools and spare parts. Link 51 installed 8 Euro shelving bays, providing 80 linear metres of storage. For small parts, 200 storage boxes were provided, which are designed to fit into the shelving installed.

“Link 51’s flexible approach throughout the project was top notch, as was their quality assurance, in that any issues arising were dealt with efficiently. The storage solution is fit-for-purpose throughout all stores and, for this particular project, I rate Link 51 and their products very highly.” – Tyron Bancroft, Pirbright Station.

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