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Whittington Primary School

Like many primary schools throughout the country, whittington Church of England Primary School in Shropshire had previously relied on cloakrooms and coat hooks to provide storage for bags and coats during the school day. This inevitably raised issues with children’s possessions falling on the floor creating a potential hazard as well as an untidy environment.

Whittington Primary School brought in Link 51 to solve these common storage problems. The solution we delivered provided aesthetically pleasing colourful lockers with BioCote® protection to help in the reduction of bacterial cross-contamination. The practical classroom lockers allow the children to store their belongings securely reducing clutter and the risk of damage.

“Bringing lockers into the school has enabled us to improve the overall health and safety on our premises. Coats and bags are now safely stored and the children are less stressed and generally happier which helps with their learning during the day. Lockers also help in removing potential fire hazards from the school, as recommended by local fire services.” Explains Whittington Primary School.

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