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Woolcool Insulated Packaging

The Brief

As a young company, Woolcool initially used a co-packer for their production and distribution requirements. As the business has developed, Woolcool made the decision to bring their warehousing operation in-house. A 16,000 sq ft premises was identified and set-up preparation was undertaken.

Woolcool’s production operation depends on having stocks of raw material, as felted wool, which is stored in stillages within the warehouse. The wool is then packed by packers into the MDPE food-grade wraps for use in either Woolcool pouches or boxes.

Central to the warehouse set-up was a requirement for racking, principally for palletised finished goods, but also providing storage for boxes, wraps and for a quantity of the stillages. Armed with funding from their local city council and looking for suppliers that could provide planning and guidance, Woolcool approached three racking and storage solutions companies for quotes on provision of an integrated storage solution.

Having fully appreciated that Woolcool was a fast-growing SME and in need of advice for their first racking installation and additional storage requirements, Link 51 was awarded the business as their draft specification and ‘hand-holding’ approach were exactly what was required during this critical set-up phase.

The Solution

In meeting the requirement, Link 51 installed four runs of XL pallet racking, providing 360 pallet locations, which could accommodate both Euro and standard pallets.

Provision was also made for 70 single height stillage locations within the warehouse; 24 locations were also made available in the first run of the racking closest to the central packing benches.

The pallet racking scheme was inclusive of:

  • End of aisle barriers
  • Upright protectors
  • SEMA load signs

Collocated in the packing area, Link 51 installed a 5-bay run of Stockrax shelving, with 4 levels per bay. The shelving being principally used for the storage of boxes of wraps and packing ancillaries. Stockrax Shelving is available in heavy duty and standard options, featuring tough 18mm thick chipboard as decking material.

Link 51’s integrated solution also included the installation of 10 x 2-door lockers at 300mm x 300mm x 1800mm high in the warehouse break room, each featuring standard deadlocks and finished in yellow.

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