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Link 51 is the largest locker manufacturer in the UK, with the Link Lockers product range including purpose built school lockers, staff lockers for employees, changing room lockers, in-charge lockers with inbuilt charging facilities for electrical items, and much more.

With over 40 years’ experience in locker storage, the Link Lockers range has expanded to suit the various needs and requirements of specifiers and users across the UK, whatever the sector. With a wide range of products – Link 51’s locker solutions can meet your specific storage needs.

Our storage lockers include:

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As speciality locker manufacturers in the UK, we can provide storage lockers that cater for your exact needs and facilities.  Whether you’re looking for lockers for wet areas, the education sector, to charge electrical items or to departmentalise clothing, our range can be configured to suit your requirements.

All of our storage lockers are made to the highest quality to ensure that they are safe and practical to use within your facilities. The Link Lockers range of school lockers, metal lockers, staff lockers, sports lockers and locker accessories are all available from our team of experts, for distribution throughout the UK. All of our storage lockers can be installed on your property and maintained annually to ensure that they are utilised correctly and always in optimum working order.

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