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Vision Panel Lockers

Vision Panel Lockers

Vision panel lockers and insight lockers are transparent lockers that provide a secure solution to the issue of potential theft at work. Our two types of security lockers both help prevent lockers being a convenient hiding place for stolen items, which makes your place of work safer and a more enjoyable environment for employees and employers alike.

Our vision lockers incorporate a toughened polycarbonate viewing panel set within a steel door with an all-round strengthened edge, allowing you to see items stored in locker compartments without compromising security.

The insight locker features shatter proof polycarbonate doors which allows 100% visibility while maintaining the highest level of security. The design ensures that the security of the insight locker is not compromised while providing full view of the contents inside.

Both lockers provide easy visibility of contents whilst remaining safe and secure. The Vision and Insight locker ranges are ideal for any workplace and have proven extremely popular within the retail setting as well as the MOD and other sectors that require high levels of security.

To find out more about our vision panel lockers and insight lockers, speak to one of our locker experts on 08000 733 300 today.

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