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Locker Locks

Locker Locks

As the UK’s leading personal storage experts, Link 51 have an extensive range of locking options to meet almost any locker access requirement. Whether you’re in the process of buying lockers and would like some advice on the best security options, or you‘re looking for replacement locker locks for your existing scheme – we have a variety of options to choose from.

We supply lockers to schools, offices, manufacturing companies and everywhere in between. Read on to find out more about the benefits of all of our locker locks and decide which one is best for you.


This simple and economical key operated cam lock provides quick and easy user access to each compartment. The lock is supplied with two keys as standard, with a master key also available for efficient management of larger locker installations. Deadlocks are a cost-effective solution where ownership of each locker can be easily allocated to an individual.  Additional keys are also available. One of Link 51’s most popular locker locks, the deadlock is suitable for use in a variety of industries.


Oval Hasp and Staple Locks

This locking mechanism requires a padlock (not supplied) to secure the compartment. This option offers greater flexibility than a deadlock, as rather than assigning a locker and key to each individual, different compartments can be utilised by different users as and when required. The sale of padlocks can also provide additional revenue if appropriate.

oval hasp and staple lock

Coin/Token Return Locks

This is an ideal locker lock for industries where lockers have ‘shared’ users. The key is released when a coin or token is inserted, and after the key is returned and the door is reopened the coin or token is returned to the user. The coin or token helps ensure the key is returned – making coin return locks perfect for gyms, swimming pools and other leisure industry facilities.

Coin or token return lock

Coin/Token Retain Locks

Coin and token retain locks, also known as coin keep locks, are not only secure locking mechanisms, but can also generate additional revenue. They work best in environments that utilise ‘shared’ lockers, where various people use each compartment on a daily basis such as the leisure industry. Similarly to our coin/token return locks, the key is activated when the coin or token is inserted and released once the door is shut and the lock is thrown. Once the key has been replaced and the door is reopened the key cannot be removed again unless a new coin or locker token is inserted. A box in each compartment collects all of the inserted coins or locker tokens.

Coin token retain lock

Mastered Combination Locks

Combination locks for lockers are very common where easy security is desired. Master combination locks are keyless systems designed for a single user with a sophisticated locking mechanism that provides an extra level of security. Turning the tumbler to each of the number settings in a pre-determined order releases the lock, and the absence of individual keys for each compartment reduces the threat of theft and eliminates the inconvenience and cost caused by lost keys. This locker lock comes with a combination number, instructions and an override master key.

Master combination lock

Digital Combination Locks

A simple-to-use, battery operated keyless lock which can be programmed for single or multi-users. It offers a high level of security, comparable to mastered combination locks, but as a personal entry code can be set and changed by the user, the digital option gives even greater flexibility. A pre-set master code ensures supervisor access.

Digital combination lock

Four Tumbler Combination Door Locks

Combination locks are ideal for facilities where keys are not desirable. The lock can be reset whenever the locker is open, allowing the combination number to be changed if required.

Four tumbler combination lock

Transponder Locks

A keyless locking system where the user wears a bracelet which is paired to an electronic lock. If the bracelet is lost, a new one is easily reprogrammed. This solution is perfect for gyms, sport centres and many other leisure facilities.

Transponder lock

Replacement Locker Locks

If your existing lockers have been damaged or you’re thinking of upgrading to a more secure locking option, we can provide replacement locks for lockers to meet all your safe storage needs. Most locking options are available for metal and laminate doors.

Not sure which locker lock is right for you? Our team will be happy to help, call us today on 08000 733 300 for more information on all of our locker locks.

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