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Cube Lockers

Cube Lockers

Our range of Quarto Lockers, Sixto Lockers and Cube Lockers are the ideal choice for storing small items. Effortlessly versatile, Cube Locker units can be used above bridging units in locker rooms with garment hangers beneath them, or just as easily stacked on top of other Cube Storage Systems to utilize space effectively.

With a variety of applications available in a wide range of colours, our Quarto Lockers, Sixto Lockers and Cube Lockers are a suitable choice for a multitude of locations including nurseries, offices, crew rooms, portable cabins, factory floors, ambulances and other emergency services and healthcare settings.

Our Cube Lockers are available in a number of heights, so there’s no need to worry about space restrictions. All of our cube storage units are designed with workplace staff in mind, and are made with reinforced doors for added security to keep all personal belongings secure.

To find out more about our cube storage units, speak to our cube locker experts on 08000 733 300.

  • Cube Lockers are square shaped lockers available in 300x300x300mm, 380x380x380mm and 450x450x450mm
  • The Quarto Locker is 511mm in height
  • The Sixto Locker is 372mm in height
  • All of our Cube Storage Systems, including our Cube Lockers, Quarto Lockers and Sixto Lockers are Manufactured to BS4680; the industry standard for all clothes lockers
  • Reinforced and stiffened doors on all cube storage units for added strength and the prevention of forced or levered entry
  • Welded and riveted 3 knuckle door hinges for security and for the allowance of easy door replacement
  • BioCote® anti-microbial protection as standard our Cube Storage Systems, to help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces by 99.9% 
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