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Designed initially for workwear, our clothing lockers are also suitable for the controlled issuing of safety equipment, consumables, or specific materials required for a working day or shift.

Managing the issue of workplace clothing, often via third party laundries, is an essential part of hygiene procedure in many sectors; including food and drink manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The use of garment lockers can significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination between clean and used items and separating streetwear from workwear, helping to maintain a hygienic working environment and helping clients conform to BRC Guideline #7.

Our garment dispenser lockers provide individual access for each worker to freshly laundered clothing. Individual user compartment doors are inset within the main full height door, which remains locked until clean laundry is deposited by opening the full height door and allowing laundry contractors quick, easy and convenient access to all individual compartments of the clothes locker.

Not only does our garment lockers range dispense clothing, it also allows for the collection of used workwear at the end of a day or shift. Workers simply post their used garments through the adjacent collection lockers, allowing them to be collected by the laundry service or contractor.

All of our clothes lockers come with BioCote® protection as standard. This is proven to reduce levels of bacteria on treated surfaces by 99.9%, meaning our products will enhance the effectiveness of your cleaning and hygiene processes and work towards reducing anti-microbial cross contamination as prescribed by BRC Guideline #7.

To find out more about our clothing lockers, speak to our experts for free on 08000 733 300, to find the right clothes locker for your needs.

  • A full range of garment dispenser and collection lockers available
  • 1778mm in height, available in various widths and depths
  • Multiple compartments available with individual locks and one master frame lock to open the entire locker allowing for easy refill
  • Manufactured to BS4680; the industry standard for clothes lockers
  • All clothing lockers are reinforced with stiffened doors for added strength and the prevention of forced or levered entry
  • BioCote® anti-microbial protection as standard, to help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces by 99.9%
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