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Garment management in the workplace changing room

Garment Management Lockers are used for the controlled issue of work wear, safety equipment or consumable items in the workplace. To facilitate this process, Link 51 has created a range of Garment Management Lockers for the easy dispensing and collection of clean/used work wear in the changing room.

The Garment Management Lockers are available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 door versions, with users having key access to their individual secure compartment to collect clean clothing. One main door gives access to all compartments for re-stocking. Used garments are ‘posted’ into an adjacent Collector Locker for laundering, and the collector has a galvanised steel anti-theft shelf fitted below the ‘post’ opening. These dispensers are also available in Stainless Steel for damp and humid conditions.

Link 51 also offer Personal Workwear Lockers, which combine personal storage space with an upper compartment which can be re-stocked. The upper door locks into the main lower door, each door having a separate key. The laundry operative has access to the upper compartment for re-stocking, but cannot open the lower compartment. Both doors open when the lower door is opened, allowing the user to access both compartments.

Garment Management Lockers control hygiene by ensuing that clean and dirty items are always separated. Link 51 dispensers also come with BioCoteĀ® anti-microbial protection as standard.

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