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How mobile shelving can give you up to 300% more storage space

As you may well have seen, some of our top space saving tips for office environments were recently featured on the RIBA Product Selector Blog. Here’s more on tip number two – using mobile shelving to increase storage capacity.

Mobile shelving systems are a simple but incredibly effective way of making more of the available room in any office environment. Whereas every bay of static shelving requires an adjacent aisle for accessing and depositing items, mobile models only require there to be one aisle’s worth of free space, and instead the bays can be rearranged to provide access to a particular part of the system via an easy-to-use handle.

This results in three key benefits:

  • Increasing the potential storage capacity drastically – by as much as 300% in some cases
  • Taking up less of the floor footprint – leaving space for other uses
  • Better organisation of stored items – meaning quicker retrieval times and faster overall workplace efficiency.

The amazing space saving benefits can translate into a cost saving advantage too, particularly considering the rising price of office rental rates. A 250ft open plan office for four people in London can cost anywhere between £20,000 and £33,000 per year depending on location, and adding a large store room can increase this by as much as £12,000 – £18,000. Why not reduce these costs with an intelligent storage option like mobile shelving?

We offer four variations of our market-leading mobile storage solution:

  • Light duty – The perfect option for fast access to items in commercial and office settings
  • Medium duty – Ideal for more robust storage requirements
  • Slide aside – Ideal for corridors, alcoves or corners and ensuring you make the most of every single inch of the available space
  • Trackless – Great for giving a modern feel to an office environment

We offer a space planning service where one of our experts can help you decide on the best storage option for your current project.

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