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Racking Shuttle System Frequently Asked Questions

Link 51’s Pallet Racking Shuttle System is one of our most space and time efficient warehouse storage solutions.

Here we run through some of the questions we most frequently get asked by people who are deciding if the shuttle is the right option for their storage requirements.

The Basics

What exactly does the shuttle system do and how does it work?

What are the main benefits of the system?

Is it right for my business?

How scalable is the shuttle system if my storage requirements expand as my business grows?

Applications and Features

Is shuttle a good option for first in first out storage?

Does it only cater to FIFO then? What about first in last out?

What other specific features does the shuttle system offer?

Space and Time Savings and Return on Investment

How much space and time will the system save me exactly?

How competitively is the shuttle system priced and what else does Link 51 give you within this cost?

Using the System

How easy is the shuttle system to use?

How can I learn to operate the system? Do Link 51 offer any training?

How much maintenance does the shuttle system need?

Can Link 51 help if the system needs a service?

Battery Life and Recharging Times

How long does the battery last before it needs recharging?

My warehouse is running 24 hour shifts – can the shuttle cope with this level of usage?

The shuttle uses a lithium battery – what benefits does this offer over other battery types?

Will opportunity charging (i.e. charging during lunch and break times) damage the battery?


How can the shuttle system be summed up in nutshell?

What are three words to describe the shuttle system?

How does Link 51’s tailored approach to design help companies find the right storage solution for their needs?

If there’s anything else you need to know about Link 51’s pallet racking shuttle system give our experts call on 0800 169 5151.

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