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Our #pegsvlockers competition is back for 2015 and this year we want everyone to get creative with their entries to try to win the prize of £2,000 towards a locker installation in your school.

To highlight the benefits that lockers bring to school classrooms, cloakrooms and corridors over coat pegs, we’re asking all UK primary, infant and junior schools to send us photographs of the coat pegs they are currently using and explain how they think lockers would improve their school.

Click here for details on how to enter, here to see the competition terms and conditions in full or read on for our top tips on how to make your entry stand out.

1) Get creative

Last year’s #pegsvlockers competition was won by Ferndale Community Primary School who really went to town on their entry. As well as sending in several photos that really showed off how messy their existing coat pegs were, the teachers and pupils at Ferndale put their heads together to write a poem explaining why they were desperate for lockers to help keep their school tidy.

This year the judges are looking for creative entries that stand out and really highlight why you think your school needs the £2,000 locker prize.

2) Get the students and parents involved

The benefits of lockers are felt by everyone involved at a school – from the pupils to the parents. Teachers love that they remove trip hazards and decongest classrooms and cloakrooms at busy times, parents often find that lockers stop their children mislaying their belongings and students enjoy the sense of ownership lockers can give them.

Try to convey the most important benefits lockers would bring to your school for these different groups by getting everyone involved. If you’re a teacher maybe you could ask parents for their ideas or get your class to work together for a group entry.

3) Show us your peg problems

Coat pegs can cause real issues with corridor clutter and congestion and one of the most important things the judges will be looking out for is evidence of this in your photos. Try to capture the chaos your coat pegs create and you’ll definitely be in with a good shot.

4) Be social

We’re keen to spread the message about the benefits of lockers far and wide so don’t forget to share your entry on social media. You can you can tweet us @SchoolLockersUK or post on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/SchoollockersUK – we’ll be looking out for your entries so get uploading. And don’t forget to like and follow our pages and use the #pegsvlockers hashtag.

5) A picture speaks a thousand words…so take plenty

The old saying is certainly true in this case. The competition rules mean you have to send in at least one photo, but the more you can send in the better. Get snapping!

If you’ve got a question about the competition or would like to speak to one of our locker experts call us on 08000 733 300 today.

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