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Use creative storage designs for productive office workspaces

Office workspaces with a modern and vibrant feel are often a more enjoyable environment to spend time, which can make them more productive in terms of staff efficiency levels. Often this is all down to clever and creative thinking on the part of the building’s architect at the design phase of the project.

As suppliers of office storage equipment, we were recently asked to feature some of our top commercial workspace design tips on the RIBA Product Selector blog – here are some of our top suggestions for working creatively during the design stage of your next office project.

  • Colour – end panels on shelving systems can have many different purposes from purely decorative to reflective of the company’s brand imagery. Different colours can also be used to delineate different storage areas.
  • Find storage solutions for every need – every office is different and each will have its unique storage requirements. Ask questions about what is to be stored early on – many modular systems such as our Stormor shelving range come with a range of accessories which make them fit for multiple purposes. You may find you can cater for all filing and bulkier storage needs with a single system.
  • Cut down on the storage footprint for open plan offices – if filing is big part of the company’s requirements look at saving room with our rotary units or if bulkier items need to housed our mobile shelving systems could help space.
  • Use signs to increase productivity – many of our shelving products come with signage options, which helps your office workers identify where they’ll find what they’re after at a glance – a great way to aid workplace efficiency.

To consult with a creative storage solution expert and learn more about our vast experience of working with architects on new build, refurbishment and regeneration office projects, talk to our team on 0800 169 5151 today.

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