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Multi Tier Shelving Systems

Multi Tier Shelving Systems

If you’re looking to increase floor space and optimise storage capacity, our multi-tier shelving is ideal.

A raised storage area, or tiered storage structure as multi-tier shelving is also known, is a raised platform rack or shelf mounted structure independent of the host building structure. It uses the height of the building to maximise use of space and is supported by either pallet racking or shelving to eliminate the need for a structural floor.

Our tiered storage structures are all bespoke to ensure they meet customers’ individual needs. Our tiered shelving is available in a wide range of floor areas, from 10m2 to well over 15,000m2, meaning you can make your raised storage area as big as you require.

To learn more about our multi-tier shelving systems, speak to our tiered storage structure experts on 0800 169 5151.

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