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Picture Racking

Picture Racking

Picture racking is a storage system specially designed to hold collections of artefacts, photographs, artwork for museums, art galleries, records offices and private collections.

The key benefits of this product are that it uses space efficiently to provide safe and secure storage of valuable pictures and paintings of all sizes. Our picture racking systems are extremely robust, consisting of heavy duty mesh panels with either double or single sided frames. Each frame is accessed via an easy-to-use smooth sliding mechanism and the system is designed to minimise handling, ensure the items stored don’t touch each other and – most importantly – prevent damage from occurring.

Depending on the nature of the collection being sorted, a bespoke picture racking solution can be created. To ensure you’re able to offer your customers the perfect storage option to meet their needs our design experts can visit your premises to measure the available space and then use 3D modelling to satisfy your customer’s present and future requirements.

We offer three types of picture racking, and our experts will recommend the option that best suits your needs and the space available.

  • Floor mounted with overhead guide – cost-effective and unobtrusive in terms of the fabric of the building.
  • Overhead supported with concealed floor guide – the best option on an aesthetic level with unobstructed access in walkways and no weight bearing on floors.
  • Mobile base mounted – the most space-efficient system and least intrusive to the building’s structure. This option is also lockable, easy to relocate and can be integrated with other types of storage (e.g. work alongside mobile shelving, extra shelves for different types of storage can be added).

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Picture Racking

Specialist storage for art galleries, museums and other artefacts.