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Tray Storage Systems

Tray Storage Systems

Tray storage units provide efficient and effective storage of small items. They are particularly useful when dealing with frequently accessed goods that are often transported from storage area to point of use for consumption, processing or restocking. Tray storage systems of this type are commonly found in the health sector and retail environments, but are versatile enough to be used in practically any workplace across various industries.

Another key benefit of a Link 51 tray storage system is that it helps organise a working environment, by providing compartments that can be used to store different kinds of products or equipment.

Retail Tray Storage Trolley

  • A mobile trolley with five plastic tray containers of various sizes for quick and easy access to small and loose items.
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HTM71 Tray Storage

  • Complying with HTM71 guidelines Link 51’s healthcare tray storage system is ideal for NHS and private sector applications.
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HTM71 Storage Solutions

Tray storage complying with HTM71 guidelines for healthcare applications