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Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow Aisle Racking

When it comes to maximising the capacity of your warehouse or storage area, our narrow aisle pallet racking systems, also known as very narrow aisle racking (VNA), are an extremely practical and popular option.

By reducing the width of aisles between lanes by up to half compared to standard pallet storage solutions, our narrow aisle racking systems represent a high density option and can improve your overall capacity.

Narrow aisle racking makes excellent use of the storage space available by maximising the height at which goods can be stacked, and uses specialist ‘man-up’ or ‘man-down’ trucks designed to work efficiently in narrow aisles to access pallet positions.

Designed with efficient load handling and safety in mind, rails or wires at floor level, guide trucks precisely into position, reducing the risk of accidental damage from user error and improving safety within the system. This is a real advantage for organisations that are passionate about the wellbeing of their workforce.

Link 51’s experienced sales and design team are available to provide onsite advice about your narrow aisle pallet racking requirements, and can come to your premises to talk you through the benefits of our narrow aisle racking systems and other ranges. They can also perform a free space planning and design service without obligation.

Our UK manufacturing processes, installation and project management services set us apart as market leaders in the pallet racking industry.

To find out more speak to our narrow aisle pallet racking experts on our free helpline – 0800 169 5151.

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