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Racking Safety Inspection

Racking Safety Inspection

No matter how carefully you use your storage scheme, damage will occur from time to time, which can result in serious consequences, including injury to staff, if left undetected. We have a skilled team of safety engineers who are on hand to provide SEMA approved pallet racking inspections to determine the safety and structural integrity of your pallet racking systems.

As pallet racking suppliers with SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARI), we are perfectly positioned to report on the status of your installation, regardless of the original supplier.

We provide you with a full report detailing any damage and grade it using a simple red, amber, green system to signify severity. We will also offer a quotation for repairing any outstanding damage and outline ways to avoid similar issues occurring in the future, including introducing you to our range of Pallet Racking Accessories and Protection products, such as barriers, upright protectors, rails, signage and floor markings.

Racking Safety Training Courses

SEMA guidelines suggest you should have at least one pallet racking inspection from an expert every 12 months, but you should also run regular checks yourself on a weekly or monthly basis. Our racking safety training courses help your staff understand everything they need to know about operational best practice, how to recognise damage early on to save time and money, and correctly reporting problems.

Whether you’re unsure about the structural integrity of your existing pallet racking system or simply want to keep up to date with best practices for a safe working environment, contact our racking safety inspection team today on 0800 169 5151.

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