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Racking Shuttle System

Racking Shuttle System

Our pallet shuttle system is a space effective way to store bulk loads, such as food, drink and other palletised items, which are conventionally stored with drive-in, push back or pallet live racking systems.  Though efficient, these methods are usually limited by the length of the storage lane that can be practically achieved.

Our shuttle racking system overcomes this by offering storage to greater lane depths via an automated shuttle that travels on support rails.

Click here to watch our shuttle system fequently asked question videos, which cover all of the most common queries our customers ask us about this innovative product.

Pallets are loaded onto a shuttle at the front of the lane, which transports them down to the other end.  The built-in sensor on the shuttle racking system detects the position of next pallet and places the new load at a predetermined, but adjustable distance from them, before returning to the start face.

The shuttle movements are sent via the radio remote controller allowing the forklift truck operator to move onto the next task while the shuttle moves the pallet to the correct storage location. The shuttle is easily moved between lanes by a standard fork lift truck.

Additional features and benefits of our shuttle racking system include:

  • Lightweight lithium battery – 14kg compared to 40kg used in other models
  • A single charge gives an eight hour operational capacity based on a throughput of 30 pallets per hour
  • 900 recharging cycles compared to 300 using a conventional gel battery
  • Cold store shuttle storage model that can be used in deep freeze environments of down to -30⁰C  without loss of power or operational efficiency
  • Variable distance adjustment between pallets
  • Innovative placement using laser technology
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Ease of inventory counting/stock take
  • Connection to WMS
  • Total flexibility
  • 24 hour support service

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