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Public Archives

When you think of a public archives you can be forgiven for picturing a room with boxes on top of some shelving, however an archive can take many forms and can encompass many items for storage. The number of considerations required is vast and getting the archive solution right for current and future requirements is vital, especially in times of austerity.

Just some of the things you need to consider are:

  • What needs to be stored? – books, deeds, Births, Deaths and Marriage records, wills, historical documents or even a combination of them all
  • What are the access requirements? – long term storage or frequent public access, or a combination of the two
  • Where is the archive situated? –  A central archive repository or local area based archive situated in the town hall or council building
  • Are their unique circumstances? – Do the items being stored have temperature or lighting sensitivities

All of this must be discussed alongside budget, current and future requirements – will the inventory of items to be archived continue to grow, whether the archive is a new build, amalgamation of current archives, extension or refurbishment project and much more.

Suddenly when you think about a public archive you are into a world of questions and decisions which are all equally as important in ensuring that the archive solution you end up with meets all of your needs and provides room for growth and change in the future.

Link 51 has over 60 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing tailored archive solutions which, we work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a fictional, practical and versatile solution.

As the official training partner of the Archives and Records Association (ARA) we have worked hard to understand your unique storage requirements and we are certain we have the knowledge and capabilities to provide you with the right solution.

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