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The commercial sector is a heavily competitive, pro-active environment where every penny counts. That’s why saving time and space on office storage solutions can have a positive impact on your business.

The cost of floor space in a commercial environment is critical, and will often define the accommodation you choose. The retention of your documents and access to them is also important – meaning installing effective office storage solutions is of paramount importance.

At Link 51, we have a number of office storage units that allow you to store your items with confidence, maximise the space available and assist with retrieval times – while still looking attractive in the office environment and remaining cost effective. Our office storage systems are designed to save you time, space and money.

For example, our mobile shelving systems will accommodate approximately 70% more storage capacity than typical products. Saving space on office storage can offer your business new opportunities such as downsizing your existing space or welcoming additional members to your team.

Our rotating units can increase retrieval rates and provide increased capacity. One rotary unit will only occupy the same floor space as two lateral filing cabinets while storing the contents of approximately four or five.

Our locker solutions can provide personal storage that complement hot desk policies by providing sufficient space for personal items that prevents them from cluttering up crucial desk space.

In addition, our In Charge Laptop Charging Units allow for laptops and tablet devices to be charged whilst in a secure locker compartment.

All of our commercial office storage products can be finished in a choice of colours and include accessories such as pull out shelves, dividers and decorative top and end panels.

These are only a few examples of how products from our portfolio can reduce your costs and maximise productivity in your workplace.

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