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Filing Audit

What is a filing audit?

A filing audit encompasses the detailed quantification and qualification of company documentation by media type, conditions and utility.

Typically the outcome of a filing audit will highlight the following:

  • Current Filing Capacity
  • Status of documentation e.g. live, archive, destruction
  • Recommendations to make better use of floor space

Opportunities for file audits

  • Relocation
  • Refurbishing
  • Restructuring
  • Inefficient Systems
  • Space inefficiency

Pre-Labelling Service

  • The indexing of folders is a time consuming exercise, particularly when implementing a new filing system resulting in labelling a large volume of new folders.
  • At Link 51 we have a dedicated Index Team that can undertake the project for you.

The Process

  • Step One – Our experienced sales consultant will make file recommendations and assist with the label design to fall inline with your indexing system
  • Step Two – Label Design will be signed off for approval to print.
  • Step Three – To enable the filing team to produce labels, an excel spread sheet of file titles is required to be supplied by email.
  • Step Four – The filing team will print and attach labels to the end tab of all your new folders
  • Step Five – Safe delivery of Pre-Labelled Files to your office.

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