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As online shopping continues to grow at pace year on year, the operational and strategic challenges presented by this colossal step in the history of retailing also expand dramatically. This has had a direct effect on the need for increased storage for e-tailers.

Just like large multinational retailers, SMEs, start-ups, third party logistics firms and other key players involved in e-tail, Link 51 has learned a lot about what the ongoing developments in e-commerce mean and how to overcome the challenges they present to ensure your operations help, rather than hinder strategic growth.

As the UK’s leading supplier of storage solutions, we are able to tailor our unique product design capability and extensive product range to support any and every e-tail storage requirement across the e-tail supply chain from DC to store and collection locker. We have also spent a great deal of effort researching the latest trends in this field to stay at the forefront of the e-tail sector. For example, in early 2015 we launched an e-commerce white paper entitled ‘Taming the e-tail Tiger’ – which reviews the latest industry developments, analyses future trends and helps outline what businesses can do to stay ahead of the competition in terms of delivery, returns and collection of goods.

Expansion of E-tail

Growth in e-tail activity presents new and exciting challenges; from increasing transaction volume, greater demand on supply chain partners, an ‘anytime anywhere’ consumer attitude to increased reverse logistics, speed of delivery and much more.

One key trend in e-tail is a move towards omni-channel strategies through which businesses are pulling together their traditional and online customer communication and in-store and online services to offer their consumers a seamless and coherent experience under a single brand. Where previously they might have had separate supply chains for each of these routes to market, the most advantageous method of meeting customer expectations today is to increase logistical flexibility to be able to fulfil orders from more places throughout the supply chain.

Breadth of choice is a major pulling factor in acquiring customers and attracting repeat business with today’s better-informed consumer. Many e-tailers are having to become even more agile and responsive in terms of warehousing, their e-commerce storage solutions, logistics and delivery in order to find the best way to respond to the increased number of ways consumers can now place orders and receive goods.

How we can improve your e-tail storage

As customers increasingly want a fast, convenient and reliable ‘anytime, anywhere’ fulfilment service – e-tailers and their logistics partners must become even more flexible. They can do this by incorporating ecommerce storage solutions that can meet the needs of seasonal demands, larger volumes of returns and the increasing frequency of new trends, as well as developing services like click and collect.

With our vast range of e-tail storage solutions including Pick Towers, years of manufacturing experience, expert design capabilities and market leading industry insight, Link 51 are perfectly positioned to work with you through the storage challenges e-commerce presents to e-tailers and their logistics partners.

Click through to the pages below to find out more about some of the key e-tail areas featured in our white paper and crucially find out how we can create e-commerce storage solutions tailored to your company’s needs to help increase efficiency, save space and meet your strategic requirements.

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