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Higher Education

Following the 2012 rise in tuition fees Universities and Colleges are having to ensure they offer their students not only the highest quality education possible, as this is a given, but also a high standard of facilities, services and accommodation. As students pay more for their education their expectations naturally increase and so every aspect of a further education institutions offering must be top of the class.

This must all be achieved within an environment of ever tightening budgets and increased pressure on education staff. We understand that storage may not be at the top of your agenda when trying to balance all of these increasing demands, but you would actually be surprised how much organised, functional and aesthetically pleasing storage can make running almost every area of your higher education facility an easier and smoother task.

At Link 51 we have been working with the education sector for over 60 years, providing tailored, functional, space saving solutions for Universities and Colleges across the country.

We are specialist in a wide range of storage solutions including:

  • Record storage
  • Archives
  • Janitorial storage
  • Library shelving
  • Office cupboards
  • Mobile shelving
  • Personal storage lockers
  • In Charge Laptop Charging Units
  • In Charge Small Item Lockers
  • Picture racking

Engaging a storage company early in the design process is essential to ensure that your designs, aesthetic requirements and practical process flows can be accommodated by the university or college itself. We offer a no obligation site survey and space planning service, and we have specialists available to talk you about your choices.

To ensure value for money and quality of product, the Higher Education sector can purchase via one of two frameworks without the need for extra tendering procedures. We are a supplier on the Government Procurement Service framework agreement, reference number RM1501/3, and the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation framework agreement, reference 617. Both of these agreements have rigorously tested its suppliers in order to save the buyer time and money whilst ensuring that quality and product performance is guaranteed at all times.

We also offer leasing packages meaning you can spread the cost of your shelving and lockers over 3 to 4 years, ask our storage experts when you call.

To find out more or to book a no obligation appointment with your local storage expert please call 0800 169 5151.

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