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At Link 51 we specialise in storage solutions for many workplaces, including government departments. We understand the importance of space allocation and effective government storage, in a variety of office environments.

Storage for government offices from Link 51

The government remains more pressured than ever before, expectations are high, targets are aggressive and budgets are low.

One of the most significant objectives in government is to create an efficient, fit for purpose and sustainable office space in each department. In order to achieve this, departments have a number of KPIs, including reducing the number of buildings in the estate and achieving the new workplace standard of space allocation. Link 51 can assist government departments in this target as space saving has been our strength for the past 60 years with our unrivalled product range.

We can provide shelving systems for government departments which can help you implement desk sharing and clear desk policies, and can help with all ‘live’ and ‘archive’ storage requirements.

For ‘live’ files we have a number of options, including mobile storage for central government departments that will sit within the main office space. We also provide rotary storage units that increase storage capacity and improve retrieval rates, as well as side to side storage for government offices that will fit into alcoves.

‘Archive’ files can be accommodated by our heavy duty mobile systems in your government departmental office that can reach heights of 5 metres and lengths of 12 metres. We also offer tiered systems that can maximise the height available in the area.

By engaging Link 51 early in the process of relocation or amalgamation, we can prepare space plans that will maximise areas and typically can increase capacity by 70% (with the use of a mobile system) or around 30% (with low level storage) over conventional storage.

All our products assist with the guidance for sustainability as predominately they are made from recycled steel which can be reused and relocated when needed, or recycled when the time occurs.

We are a supplier on the Government Procurement Service network, agreement reference number RM1501/3, which is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office. The Government Procurement Service network provides procurement savings for the UK public sector as a whole and is specifically tasked to deliver centralised procurement for central government departments.

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