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Primary Care Facilities

Managing all of the records and equipment required to run a primary care facility can be challenging, especially when day to day tasks and patient care must take priority. A move in recent years towards computer records has helped but there are still a large number of paper records which must be stored and maintained on a daily basis.

The application of the correct storage solution can help make this process easier whilst also freeing up space for additional practice rooms or office space.

At Link 51 we have over 60 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of storage solutions for the primary care setting, including:

To ensure value for money and quality of product the NHS can buy via one of two frameworks without the need for extra tendering procedures, we hold the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement reference NF001207 and the GPS (Government Procurement Service) framework agreement reference number RM1501/3. Both of these agreements have rigorously tested its suppliers in order to save the buyer time and money whilst ensuring that quality and product performance is guaranteed at all times.

All of our steel products come with BioCote protection as standard which is proven to reduce levels of bacteria on treated surfaces by 99.9%, meaning our products help to enhance the effectiveness of your cleaning and hygiene processes.

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