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Various storage solutions are used by guests, consumers and staff across the hospitality sector on a daily basis. Link 51, the UK’s leading storage equipment manufacturers, have a wide range of lockers, cupboards, shelving and other products, that are ideal for meeting the varied requirements of this vibrant industry.

Lockers for Hostels, Hotels, Spas and Restaurants

Providing secure storage for personal belongings is a common requirement in the hospitality sector, and we can supply lockers to meet this need. Hotel lockers and hostel lockers, for example, are a great way to keep guests’ luggage or valuable items safe.

From spa lockers and golf club lockers to other changing room equipment like bench seating – we can cover all personal storage needs for the hospitality sector and offer stylish finishes such as wooden doors to offer a high-end design.

We can also provide lockers for your staff to use in the back of house too, either for storing their personal belongings or for collecting dirty uniforms at the end of their shift. Whether you need restaurant lockers or holiday park lockers, we can find you just thing.

Hospitality Shelving

Whether you work in tourism, accommodation, cuisine or any other element of the hospitality industry, we can meet any storage requirement you might have. From mobile shelving for records storage and filing needs, to hazardous substance cupboards for COSHH materials and pallet racking for bulk goods storage – Link 51 use a bespoke design service to ensure we provide the right solution for your needs.

Call us on 08000 733 300 to find out more about our lockers, or 0800 169 5151 for any other storage requirement you might have. Alternatively, fill in the form at the top of this page and one of our experts will get back to you.

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