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When it comes to providing industrial storage solutions for companies in the UK manufacturing industry, we’re market leaders. From pallet racking systems for bulk storage, to shelving for lighter requirements and lockers for staff personal storage needs, we cater to every requirement faced in production environments.

Pallet racking for manufacturing settings

Industrial storage shelving and a versatile and robust pallet racking system can be an extremely beneficial part of many company’s manufacturing warehouse. Whether you need to store parts before they enter an assembly line, or organise your processed goods prior to shipping, we have a pallet racking solution to meet every need.

Regardless of what you need to store, we can provide durable industrial shelving, racking and warehouse storage systems that save space, improve retrieval rates, allow for stock rotation, can be integrated with SAP and other stock control systems, and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

We’ve worked with manufacturing companies in various sectors and our wide range of industrial racking caters to almost every conceivable storage need. Key models include:

All of our pallet racking solutions are designed to SEMA guidelines for safety and are therefore fit for purpose. We have over 60 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of effective, durable industrial racking and shelving systems.

Industrial Shelving for the manufacturing industry

For light and medium duty manufacturing and producing requirements, our range of shelving and storage products is ideal. Whether you need small parts containers for organising loose items and tools or a more durable shelving system, you’ll find it at Link 51.

We can also provide mobile shelving and rotary filing solutions for use in offices at manufacturing plants.

Manufacturing industry lockers

One often overlooked storage requirement faced by many manufacturing companies is the need to provide personal storage space for employees. Whether you want these to be on the warehouse floor or in a fully fitted changing room onsite, our storage experts can come to your premises for a free site survey and space planning service to help you find the perfect locker system to meet your needs.

Our garment lockers are a great way for your staff to separate clean and dirty uniforms or overalls at the end of each shift, whereas our workwear lockers are perfect for giving them somewhere secure to store personal belongings and work clothes while on the production floor or off shift.

We also offer hazardous substances storage cupboards and robust work stations – making us a comprehensive one stop manufacturing industry storage supplier.

To find out more about our industrial shelving units or to book a free appointment with your local storage expert please call 0800 169 5151.

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