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Our racking, shelving and lockers are ideally suited to a range of industrial and manufacturing environments, including the automotive sector. Whether you work in a factory, assembly line, dealership or anywhere else, we’ll have the perfect automotive storage system to meet your needs.

Automotive pallet racking

Our pallet racking systems are design to meet heavy duty storage requirements and for bulk storage at distribution centres and factories. We offer several pallet racking options including push back and crane served models, so our customers can choose a system that works for them.

To help you find the right racking product we offer a free site survey and space planning service where one of our storage experts will come to your premises, assess the available space and design a bespoke solution around your needs.

Automotive shelving

We also offer static and mobile shelving solutions for lighter duty requirements. In the automotive industry these are regularly used for individual parts storage at workshops and service centres.

From small parts containers for organising loose items for streamlined working operations, to large multi-tiered systems and mezzanine floors, which greatly increase the available storage capacity – our automotive storage and shelving solutions can do it all.

A range of shelving accessories provides storage for components and parts of all shapes and sizes, including tyres and exhaust systems and windscreens.

Automotive lockers

Finally, we also offer durable lockers for secure staff storage. Whether you need reliable metal lockers for your employees’ personal belongings, workwear lockers for overall or uniform storage, or In-charge lockers, which recharge the battery life of electronic devices while storing them – we can cover every need.

To find out more or to arrange a free no obligation site visit please call us on 0800 169 5151.

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