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Maturation Storage Solutions

Pallet Racking for the Whisky Industry

We are experts when it comes to providing storage solutions for the Whisky Industry.

We recently combined our project experience in the design and installation of pallet racking systems with our industry knowledge and research to produce a White Paper entitled ‘Storage and Maturation in the Whisky Industry’ on the emerging global trends in whisky storage and maturation processes. This has helped us stay up to date with developments across the industry and provide the best possible storage solutions for our customers.

Whether you’re a brewer, distiller or any other organisation connected to the whisky industry, our team of experts will be happy to visit your premises free of charge for a site survey and space planning consultation. They’ll discuss your storage requirements, talk you through the available options and then design the most cost-effective, practical and space-saving pallet racking solution possible.

Our commitment to providing a quality service for all our customers means we also offer prompt delivery and expert installation by our SEIRS accredited nationwide fit out teams.

Rising Global Demand for Whisky

As part of our recent White Paper we investigated rising trends in the demand for whisky worldwide and how this was affecting whisky storage capabilities for major players in the industry.

Many Scotch whisky manufacturers are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for their products in key export markets around the world, but the level of demand is constantly shifting in different countries.

The latest performance review issued by the Scotch Whisky Association shows growth in the US (8% increase), Mexico (20% increase), Brazil (20% increase), and India (12% increase) and a slight stagnation in the previously very active Chinese marketplace.

With these dramatic increases in demand in different countries, it’s important to think about ways of future-proofing your operations and storage capabilities.

Bespoke Pallet Racking Solutions

With all this demand, comes a considerable operational challenge, especially for a product that needs to be allowed to mature for anywhere between 3 and 60 years. That’s where space and cost-effective racking solutions can make big savings for your business.

Where quality control and accessibility are paramount, racked solutions are ideal. Our design experts can assess your needs and recommend a bespoke pallet racking system to give you the added benefits of:

  • quick and easy access to barrels
  • high degree of structural flexibility
  • continued compliance to all key industry structural standards, e.g. Local Building Regs, SEMA

Experience in the Whisky Industry

We have a wealth of experience at delivering bespoke pallet racking solutions across the food and drink sector, and particularly in the whisky industry. We take every customer’s individual, current and upcoming needs into consideration when undertaking any project, in order to deliver a storage solution than not only meets their immediate requirements, but that will also support their ongoing growth.

We’ve recently delivered bespoke push-back maturation racking solution projects with the following companies:

When you work with us, not only are you getting a pallet racking solution tailored to your needs, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Our 60 years’ experience in the storage industry
  • A free no obligation site survey and space planning visit with a pallet racking expert
  • A free design service where we find a solution that’s right for you
  • Quality UK manufacturing
  • Reliable site delivery from our logistics partner
  • Installation from our nationwide SEIRS accredited team
  • Complete project management services where we work with your other suppliers or sub-contractors (e.g. of MHE, sprinkler systems and loading equipment) to ensure delivery and installation when you need it

For more information or to book an onsite appointment with one of our storage experts, call us on 0800 169 5151 today.

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