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Back of House Benefits

Link 51 specialise in multiple store rollouts and provide project managed solutions, nationally and internationally for a wide range of retail clients.


Our solutions provide multiple benefits, specifically within the back-of-house environment, including:

  • Pre-retail handling and management with fast put-away
  • Fast inventory appraisal ¬†for improved housekeeping
  • Easy visual identification to drive improved picking rates
  • Improved health and safety
  • High density storage


Our design team are experienced in providing site specific designs that deliver bespoke solutions for our clients. As an added benefit to our product design, the flexible and configurable nature of our storage systems also allows for easy expansion and alteration of existing installation to accommodate mobile and multi-tier solutions.


Where building layout allows clever design can reduce area allocated to stock in return for increased sales area without impact on stock availability. Effective design and management of stock room areas also improves customer satisfaction and can provide other front of house benefits. Improved pick and retrieval rates reduce customer waiting time allowing your staff more customer facing time.


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