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Having worked with some of the world’s leading brands, Link 51 understands the demands of the FMCG sector.


We recognise that demand patterns change quickly in the FMCG sector and that’s why it is important to have a storage systems supplier that can respond quickly to requirements throughout the supply chain.


Working with logistics providers and stores to ensure racking and shelving requirements are scalable and flexible to cater for demand fluctuations we have built a reputation for reliability and safety. We know that having the right stock, in the right quantity and at the right place is of paramount importance and that is why our storage systems designs allow fast and easy access to required products.


Our site survey and design services identify the product ID’s in peak demand and ensure that either in bulk palletised systems or hand pick shelving schemes those SKU’s are safely stored, easily identified, quickly picked to provide your customers with the best service possible.


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