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Retail Space Planning

Precise space planning is most often required at the store design stage, during a re-fit or stock reconfiguration programme. As the stockroom area plays a crucial role in the provision of a successful retail operation it is important to make the most out of any available space.


Our dedicated retail storage experts will review your unique requirements and provide your planners with optimum storage proposal which can be interpreted and included within your CAD layout.


As part of our space planning review we can advise how to achieve:

  • Optimum stockroom space and location
  • Maximisation of stockroom areas and height
  • Maximisation of total available area for profitable sales space
  • Correct stock holding based upon forecast sales turnover
  • Correct segmentation of merchandise
  • Faster put-away and picking rates


Storage Space Expansion:

Managing the balance between maximising available space whilst keeping building costs and accessibility under control can be hard work and the ability to expand upwards is often overlooked on the grounds of ease of access or perceived cost.


In reality the versatility of a mezzanine system or two-tier shelving system can revolutionise the use of available space. Ideal for a variety of retail applications large or small, expanding upwards can also reduce the pressure on new build or procurement of new premises, especially for e-fulfilment.


We can review your available premises and develop a cost effective proposal for your expansion plans.


Stock Room Maximisation:

A Link 51 Space Planning Audit can easily identify additional potential sales areas or enhancements to back of house operations. With ever increasing pressure on retailers to maximise the return on each square foot of their premises, and with space opportunities often most apparent vertically, the use of a mezzanine or two-tier structure is increasingly beneficial.


The use of a single floor mezzanine can often meet growing retail sales area needs. In a back-of-store location a two-tier shelving design can offer the optimum means of creating additional storage space within the dimensions of a particular building. Because the concept incorporates a built-in floor and access stairways, the maximum possible space can be dedicated to providing storage, making the most of a customer’s existing premises.


Retail Installation Service:

With our experienced Project Management Service the installation, from the survey and design phase, through planning and building regulation application, to manufacture and installation can all be dealt with quickly and efficiently allowing for an easy roll out through store networks and in conjunction with other fit out trades.


Fire protection, lighting and accommodation, and a range of stairways to meet the applicable building regulation are also available. Our core business approach delivers a focus on the retail sector, enabling us to work closely in partnership with many UK and international retailers, nationally and internationally.


Our capacity means we can handle multiple large roll out programs and deliver solutions to thousands of locations each year.


To find out more or to book a no obligation appointment with your local storage expert please call 0800 169 5151.

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