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We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supplying Racking and Shelving logistics storage solutions to businesses across the UK. Whether you handle your logistical operations internally or are a distinct logistics company in your own right, Link 51 use a tailored approach to find the right storage system to meet your needs.

Logistics Storage

Whether you’re transporting retail or e-tail goods, food and drink products or any other sort of materials, the key to effective logistic storage is efficiency and clever use of space. Link 51 have worked with everyone from freight transportation companies to fulfilment centres and have helped tackle a range of storage challenges. We offer various product lines to help accomplish all logistical storage and delivery goals.

Shelving for Logistics Companies

When it comes to Shelving, our range of UK manufactured storage systems can’t be beaten. Whether you need to store items for short or long periods, we can provide simple Static Shelving Products, space-saving Mobile Shelving for industrial settings, Small Parts Storage Systems for organising shipments or even Pick Towers and Multi-Level Storage Solutions for complex environments.

Logistics Racking

For heavy duty storage requirements of palletised good, take a look at our range of Pallet Racking systems for the logistics storage industry. Speed of delivery and efficiency of turning goods around is often vital for logistics companies and we offer various models including Drive In, Push Back, Wide Aisle, Narrow Aisle and Crane Served Pallet Racking that minimise the space used and let you work as quickly and safely as possible.

Lockers and Workstations

We also have a wide range of Lockers which are great for providing a changing area for your staff and our Workstations are perfect for creating a central location for processing shipments, orders or filing paperwork in a busy logistical hub, Depot or warehouse.

If you’d like to know more about how your company can benefit from Link 51’s logistics storage expertise – call us on 0800 169 5151 or click here to ask a question through our website.

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