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Locker Service and Maintenance


When you buy lockers from Link 51, you can be sure that you’ll receive a product of market leading quality thanks to our UK based manufacturing processes. Naturally, however, lockers have to withstand frequent use and heavy duty applications, so locker maintenance is important to ensure best use and to achieve the longest possible lifespan. A clean, well-maintained run of lockers creates a smarter and more professional looking workspace, which in turn keeps potential damage to a minimum.

Link 51 offers a locker service and maintenance package, which keeps locker installations such as changing room lockers and swimming pool lockers in optimum working condition.

The package includes:

  • Annual site visit arranged for a mutually agreed date
  • Lubrication and cleaning of all locks and hinges on site
  • Inspection of all lockers on site with recommendation for any locker repair work required

The contract is for three years, with the locker maintenance ensuring good working condition for all products. This does not cover repair to accidental damage or vandalism.

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