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Rack Safety Awareness Course

rack training seminar

Our Rack Safety Awareness Course is a half- day session that teaches your staff everything they need to know about how to properly maintain their warehouse pallet racking system, for safer usage and a longer lifespan.

Best of all, one of our SEMA approved racking engineers will come to your premises to lead the course.

Racking safety awareness at your site

We understand the demands on staff time involved in any busy work place, and that’s why we come to your site to carry out our Rack Safety Awareness Courses for groups of around 4-6 people. The course consists of both ‘classroom’ based learning, involving presentations and question and answer sessions with one of our SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors), and hands on instruction where our racking expert tours your warehouse house to examine your racking and highlight real issues to watch out for that are specific to your business.

Racking Safety Awareness Course agenda

The course is divided into three sections – initial presentations and explanation of non-technical theory, the hands on tour of your warehouse whereby a SEMA racking inspection will take place, and a follow up discussion. The topics covered teach your staff to appreciate everything they need to ensure the safety and longevity of your racking system, including:

  • Identifying key components of the system
  • Recognising damage
  • How to report damage
  • The importance of signage
  • How to prevent damage from occurring

The course only takes half a working day, so if you want to offer safety awareness training to a large group of individuals, you can easily fit two sessions into one day.

What’s so important about racking safety awareness?

Pallet racking deals with heavy duty storage requirements on a daily basis, and even with our market-leading systems made from top UK manufacturing processes, problems – while not necessarily common – can occur. This can be due to operator error, poor house-keeping, overloading or lack of maintenance, among other reasons.

Damage to pallet racking can lead to major problems like accidents, costly stock losses and even injuries and fatalities, which is why it’s crucial that everyone who works with your pallet racking systems understands the safe working practices they should be aiming for. Our courses are suitable for everyone, from logistics mangers and health and safety officers to forklift truck drivers and packers.

Arranging one of our courses at your premises helps you spot damage to your pallet racking system early on, save on costly repairs and avoid dangerous accidents. SEMA also recommends an approved engineer inspects your racking system every 12 months to maintain racking safety – to find out more about these inspections, click here.

To enquire about arranging a Rack Safety Awareness Course on your premises, call us on 0800 169 5151.

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