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Retail Stockroom Audit

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Link 51 are experts in stockroom layout, storage and design, with decades of experience working with retailers across the UK.

Organising your stockroom to allow easier access to goods and ensure optimisation of the available space can help increase overall efficiency leading to maximised sales and the removal of health and safety concerns.

A Link 51 stockroom audit will provide a detailed analysis of your current back of house operations and help improve the way you work going forward.

As the UK’s leading storage suppliers, Link 51 manufacture a diverse product range including, Pallet Racking, Mobile and Static Shelving, Lockers, Workstations, Workbenches, Retail Tray Storage Trolleys and much more. We use a tailored approach to ensure every customer we work with receives a bespoke storage solution that works with their needs.

  • Stockrooms using inappropriate storage systems are not only inefficient but could contravene health and safety regulations.


  • Our retail audits help transform your back of house stockroom into a well organised and efficient workspace and we can provide all the storage equipment you need to achieve this.


Our comprehensive audits are carried out at your premises by one of our storage experts and cover the following areas:

  • Health and safety
  • Optimisation and location of stockroom space
  • Personnel interaction
  • General stockroom environment
  • Signage
  • Storage configuration
  • Pre-retailing and merchandising
  • Picking order and process
  • Storage mediums
  • Put-away
  • On-site delivery and merchandising routes

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