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Stormor Duo Library Shelving

Stormor Duo Library Shelving

Our Stormor Duo Shelving is becoming more and more popular within library environments due to its attractive finish and large range of accessories. Stormor Duo comes with closed dual skin uprights to hide clips and provide extra support.

It’s a flexible, adjustable and sturdy storage solution, which makes it perfect for the ever changing dynamic requirements of private or public library shelving. A series of useful accessories are available, including solid full-height dividers, half-height book supports, wire dividers, pull-out drawers, pull-out reference shelves.

Stormor Shelving features slim shelf and frame profiles which give runs of shelving a neat and coordinated appearance that make it an ideal addition to the aesthetics of any library or academic institution.

Stormor Library Shelving also looks great with decorative end panels, which help add colour and define space. Click on the red panel on the right to view our available end panels.

To find out more about Stormor Duo Library Shelving call our experts on 0800 169 5151 or click here to ask us a question through our website.

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