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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving systems, also known as roller racking systems or mobile racking systems, are a cost-effective way of maximising storage capacity and freeing up space in various working environments.

Mobile racking is particularly effective in offices, archives, libraries or retail stock settings, as they represent a lower cost alternative to increasing floor space. In fact, mobile shelving systems can increase your storage capacity by 70% compared to conventional static options.

We offer four main types of roller racking systems that are designed to suit your every storage need:

  • Slide Aside – these mobile shelving systems are ideal for awkward spaces like corridors, alcoves and odd corners
  • Trackless – quick access to items stored, easy to clean and little maintenance required
  • Light Duty – perfect mobile racking for fast access to items in commercial and office settings
  • Medium Duty – for more robust requirements like warehouses and workshops

Whether you need to store everyday office items, file complex paperwork, or have more industry specific heavy duty needs, our range of mobile shelving systems can cover your every requirement.

To help you find the best mobile shelving system for you, our shelving experts can visit you onsite and talk you through all the mobile racking products that are available. They can recommend the most cost and space saving option possible. As part of this completely free service, they can even design a mobile shelving system specifically to suit the available space.

The mobile shelving system that best meets your needs will be chosen depending on the type of floor you have, the size and weight of equipment you need to store, and the available height and width you have in your designated storage area.

Our fully customisable bespoke mobile racking options can be operated with simple push and pull handles, a three spoke mechanical option, or electronic push-button controls.

Installation and project management services are all available to help you ensure the delivery and integration of your new roller racking system is as simple and easy as possible.

To find out more or to book a free no obligation site visit, call our mobile shelving team on 0800 169 5151.

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