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Revolve Rotary Units

Revolve Rotary Units

Rotary filing systems are one of our most innovative storage concepts for offices and commercial premises with the Revolve system capable of delivering up to 400% more capacity than conventional filing units.

The rotary filing system is simple in design, yet highly effective. It consists of a double sided rotating unit, allowing the user to access two full sides of filing from one point. A simple foot pedal provides complete and safe control.

Available in six heights, from three to eight tier units, as starter and add on units, the Revolve range can transform your office space.

The rotating filing system concept is so effective it can store the contents of sixteen four drawer filing cabinets in just three eight tier rotating shelving units. A wide range of accessories make the system suitable for storing a vast array file types and multimedia. For security, each rotary filing system can be locked individually.

For more information about our rotary filing systems speak to our shelving experts on 0800 169 5151.

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