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The role of an architect is so varied and technical that the time needed to focus on the detail of a storage system may be a consuming and frustrating chore.

Link 51 recognises that the level of building design, storage, furniture and environmental control may be unfamiliar or confusing, and therefore we offer a consultancy service very early on at the conceptual design stage to take away this burden.

We offer the largest range of storage solutions currently on the marketplace, from powered mobile systems and static storage systems to lockers and pallet racking, all designed and manufactured from our UK factories.

We are also the only company in our industry who offer a RIBA approved CPD. We have two RIBA approved Core Curriculum CPD seminars and one RIBA approved Core Curriculum CPD Workshop to offer, these are:

  • An Interactive Insight into Storage Design Considerations
  • Design with Storage in Mind – a Specifier’s Guide
  • Personal Storage: What comes first – the room or the user?

An Interactive Insight into Storage Design Considerations

This unique and enlightening interactive CPD workshop is designed to provide participants with a wider knowledge of how storage solutions can impact a building’s design and functionality, through three dynamic and engaging workshop tasks.

Using an interactive three dimensional model, participants are encouraged to explore how various storage applications can have consequences for building design and determine which storage solutions best meets the diverse requirements of the end user. This seminar will get you asking questions, problem solving and thinking outside of the box.

Design with Storage in Mind – A Specifier’s Guide

This seminar aims to demonstrate how Designing with Storage in Mind is an essential part of ensuring the optimum performance of buildings. their functionality, utilisation of space and best accessibility, whilst providing appropriate security.

Personal Storage: What comes first – the room or the user?

This seminar is designed to provide you with practical information to identify the common pitfalls in locker specification and enables you to use locker design to improve your design aesthetic and the end user experience.

We have also developed a range of tools designed to assist with the specification of storage materials, including:

If you would like to hear more about our CPD or would just like a chat with one of our designers, please call 0800 169 5151.

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